July 3, 2009

Tala Cauveri, Coorg

Tala Cauveri a.k.a. Tala Kaveri is located at a distance of about 48 kms from Madikeri and 8 kms from Bhagmandala. Tala Cauveri is the most important pilgrim centre in the Coorg region. This is the place, from which the river Kaveri origins. You can reach this place by taxi from Madikeri. Or else, you can come by bus from Madikeri, as this place is well connected by government and private buses.

As this place is situated at the foot hills of Brahmagiri peak, you will be attracted by its natural beauty and picturesque landscape. There are two small temples - one for Lord Agasteesvara (Shiva) and another for Lord Ganesha. The temples are built in the Kerala architecture style.

Even though the place is considered as the birth place of the river Kaveri, there is no permanent flow from this place to the main river course. The Gundige is connected to the pond, and the water from the pond goes underground and comes out after about one km down the hill. Tala Cauveri is a sacred place and people take bathe in the pond.

As per the legend, when the sage Agastya was meditating, a crow toppled his Kamandala (the container of holy water). The water started flowing in this place as the river. The crow suddenly disappeared and a boy stood instead. The sage thought that the boy was playing prank with him, and he tried to pound the head of the boy. However, even the boy disappeared and Lord Ganesha showed himself to the sage. It is also believed that Lord Brahma, Lord Vishnu and Lord Shiva appeared (gave darshan) to the sage Agastya in the holy Ashwanta tree near the temple.

When you go to Coorg, do visit to this temple. Till then...

Happy Travelling.

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  1. Few years back we had been to ThalaKaveri. I remeber one small square where people were performing rituals. This small square gets filled with Kaveri water every year in the last week of October.
    There are beautiful temples around this place. If one climb up the steps to the mountain, one can see Kasaragod fort in Kerala