June 16, 2009

Madikeri aka Coorg

"Are you making fun of me, my dear friend" - one of my American friends asked me.

"What made you to think so?"

"You claimed that Coorg is one of the most beautiful places in India and all....but, I don't find a city named Coorg in the official tourist site. Are you kidding?"

My friend was showing me the official tourism site of Karnataka state. Yes, he was correct. He couldn't figure out the city named Coorg in the site, because there is no such city in India. People who visit the beautiful cities of India, such as Ooty, Shimla, Manali, Darjeeling, and so on assume themselves that Coorg must be a city. Even a lot of Indians think that Coorg is a city. But the truth is that the city Madikeri and the surrounding regions are together known as Coorg. Madikeri is the most important place in the Coorg region.

If you want to roam around Coorg, Madikeri is the best destination for lodging. The nearest airport is at Mangalore (around 140 kms), and the nearest train station is at Mysore (around 120 kms). From Mangalore or Mysore, you will easily get a cab till Madikeri. There are a lot of hotels (high budget as well as medium budget) in Madikeri. Or else, if you want to have a taste of traditional food and culture, there are hundreds of "Home Stay" options available in Madikeri.

You can also find many decent non-vegetarian restaurants. However, vegetarian restaurants are very few.

You can book a cab at Madikeri and cover all the surrounding places in just three to four days. You can also explore trekking options in Madikeri, if you are interested.

The best time to visit Madikeri (Coorg) is from January to December. :-) Yes, Madikeri has a pleasant climate all over the year. However, it's really a pleasant experience to visit the place during rainy days.

Omkareshwar temple, Abbi falls, Raja's tomb and Raja's seat are the places of interest in Madikeri. We will explore these places as well as the surrounding towns of Coorg in my forthcoming posts.

Till then....Happy Travelling.

If you are planning to travel to Coorg, you can buy the book named "Explore Coorg - the Scotland of India" here. The travel guide is very informative and consistently getting good reviews and ratings from the readers.

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  1. I visited the Abbi falls and the walk along the coffee plantations to the falls was lovely. The location of the falls also was enchanting.

  2. I have visited this place already. and the waterfalls is a lovely location. The post is no doubt is a good tourist guide.