June 22, 2009

Raja's Seat, Madikeri (Coorg)

Raja's seat is well located at the heart of Madikeri city, and this is one of the very important places to visit in Coorg.

It is believed that Kodagu Kings used to enjoy their evenings here, and that's why this place is named as Raja's seat.

You can get a spectacular view of sunset and far reaching mountains and valleys from this place. Raja's seat will give you a complete aerial view of Madikeri city.

Well...with this, I have covered all the important places of Madikeri. When you go to Coorg, please do visit all these places and write to me about your trip. Also, do not forget to buy Coorg Coffed at Madikeri.

As I promised in my earlier blogs, I will write about the surrounding towns of Madikeri in my forthcoming posts. Till then...

Happy travelling.

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  2. raja's seat is really picturesque! interesting kodagu travel!

  3. i have seen kodagu and madikeri on the net to ur post .why then i need to go there physically ?????????