July 1, 2009

Triveni Sangam, Bhagmandala, Coorg

Bhagmandala is located at a distance of about 33 kms from Madikeri city. It is a pilgrimage place situated on the banks of  the river Kaveri. In this place, the river Kaveri is joined by two tributaries - the river Kannike and the river Sujyoti. The river Sujyoti is mythical. You can actually find the confluence of only two rivers.

As three rivers join in this place, the place is named as Triveni Sangam (Tri means three and Sangam means confluence in Indian languages). You can find a lot of such Triveni Sangams (where three rivers join) across India. In India, almost all the triveni sangams are considered to be holy places.

It is a common practice for the devotees to take a dip at this river junction and perform rituals to their ancestors before proceeding to Tala Cauveri pilgrimage. (Tala Cauveri is the birthplace of the river Kaveri).

You can reach this place in a taxi or private bus from Madikeri. Please do visit to this place when you travel to Coorg. I will write about another important site in Bhagmandala in my next post.

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