July 27, 2009

An unusual place in Chennai - Central Prison

The site about which I am going to write in this post is a place, which you will no more be able to visit. However, when I started writing series of posts on Chennai, I thought I shouldn't miss this place.

Chennai Central Jail was one of the oldest prisons in India. It was located in the heart of the city, right opposite to the Central Railway Station. It began its operations during the British period in the year of 1837 CE.

The Government constructed a new prison in the suburb of Chennai and hence it got closed. Before demolishing this huge structure spread across 11 acres, the government kept the prison open to the public for about one month.

The prison had housed notable national leaders such as Subhash Chandra Bose and Veer Savarkar. The prison had also housed some prominent Tamil political leaders including Anna Durai, Karunanidhi and Jayalalitha.

I wonder why the government didn't take steps to convert this into a memorial.

Happy travelling.


  1. In my opinion 90% of the prisoners were criminals / petty thieves and the rest 10% might have been 'netas'! Hence it is not worth preserving the place as a monument.

  2. know doubt this prison is a historical memorial to be maintained.but it is a pity that the gov is demolishing it

  3. Did the inmates spread a mat on those rectangular platforms as a bed?

  4. The bitter memory that our REAL leaders were housed in such a filthy place should atonce be erased. This will seve our next generations from pain. ...Ramchandra Karnik