July 21, 2009

Penguins at Mystic Aquarium, CT, USA

There are more than 20 African penguins available in Penguins exhibit at Mystic Aquarium. You can watch them playing, moving and obeying the trainer's orders. Especially it is fun to watch penguin feeding program. While one person feeds the penguins, another person will guide us by providing a lot of useful information about penguins. The way how penguins go to the trainer to get food in an organized manner is really unbelievable.

You will also get to see the penguins below the water through under water viewing windows. There is a shop nearby where you can buy penguin toys or other penguin related items. Please do visit this place and enjoy by watching the beautiful penguins. I have couple of posts to complete my series on Mystic. Till then...

Happy travelling.

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