July 9, 2009

Mystic Aquarium, CT, USA

When I went to Connecticut (CT) in USA for a business trip, I felt boring during the week ends. Being a person who cannot breathe without travelling, I didn't find anything exciting to visit in CT.

I called up my friend in New York.
"This place is damn boring. I don't find anything exciting"

"Did you visit Mystic Aquarium?"

"Aquarium? You want me to spend some 20-25 bucks in travelling from my place just to see an aquarium? Come on man! I have seen a lot of aquariums in my life. In my country (India), we have enough aquariums. I don't want to waste my time and money just to see some fishes inside glass bowls."

"Have you seen Stellar Sea Lion?"


"Did you get a chance for a face to face with Beluga Whales? Have you ever fed colorful birds around the world out of your own hands? Ever wondered how you would feel to touch a ray? Won't you get excited to watch feeding penguins? Will you not be interested to watch sea lion show in a marine theatre?"

"What do you mean? Is it possible to find all such things in Mystic Aquarium? Unbelievable!"

"Go and explore, man!"

I did go and explored the Mystic Aquarium - one of the best aquariums in USA. Let me share my experience in the form of tips and information in the forthcoming posts. Till then...

Happy Travelling.

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  1. Wow, Ive never been to one either,, although theres one that similar here in the Philippines I think somewhere in Luzon. If i have the time and money, Ill go there.