July 26, 2009

Chennai - the gateway to South India

Chennai, which is also called as Madras, is one of the four biggest cities of India. Chennai is considered as the gateway to South India, as it is well connected by train, road and air (national and international flights), and travelling to any place in the south can be easily done from here. It even has a port connected to selected places.

Chennai was the first major settlement of the British East India Company in India. Due to this reason, it has a lot of British period buildings.

Chennai has the second longest beach in the world. Chennai also has lot of ancient temples and some religiously important places. Chennai also has the modern day attractions such as museums, zoo, a lot of amusement parks and interesting and unique sites such as Dakshin Chitra.

There are set of people who generally ask what is there to visit in Chennai. My series of posts on Chennai will provide enough answers to them. Let us explore Chennai starting from my next post. Till then...

Happy Travelling.

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  1. We are learning a lot about various cities in South India thru your blogs. and quite interesting too. Nice job indeed. Keep it up.