July 4, 2009

Brahmagiri peak, Tala Cauveri, Coorg

In my previous blog post, I wrote in detail about Tala Cauveri. Please visit that post in case if you want to find the details on how to reach Tala Cauveri or to know about the place. From Tala Cauveri (the origin of the river Kaveri), if you climb up 400+ steps, you will reach Brahmagiri hills.

From Brahmagiri peak, you can enjoy a good view of the misty Brahmagiri hills (which is a trekker's paradise), Western Ghats mountain range and the aerial view of Tala Cauveri site.

As per the legend, seven great sages (Sapta Rishi) performed yagna in this hills. When you go to Coorg, especially to Tala Cauveri, please do not miss this place. Let me explore more places in Coorg in my forthcoming posts. Till then...

Happy Travelling.

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  1. hi, your blog is interesing..


  2. Missed this... :) We went on a perfect monsoon period. The whole region was covered with mist. You know what, we climbed the steps and we never knew where it took..it was so misty...so we returned half way!

    Btw..your blog is indeed a travel guide!

  3. I too missed this place. You are providing useful info. Tks boss.