A Turkish Legacy in Mylapore

Hazrat Dastagir Sahib Dargah, nestled along the modern-day Dr. Natesan Road in Mylapore locality in Chennai, holds a tale of mystical origins. Hailing from a Turkish lineage, Hazrat Dastagir Sahib was a scion of the Adil Shahi dynasty of Bijapur, where he first drew breath.

After traversing the length and breadth of the country, he found his resting place in Chennai. In an eerie premonition, he foretold his own passing, instructing his disciples not to perform the customary funeral prayers led by an Imam. Legend has it that, upon his passing in 1752, Hazrat Dastagir Sahib appeared in ethereal form to conduct his own funeral rites, a sight witnessed by awe-struck devotees.

In 1789, the Nawab of Arcot commemorated his memory by erecting a magnificent dargah atop his sacred burial ground.

Amongst the devotees who frequent this revered site, the renowned Indian cine music director, A R Rahman, finds solace in prayer.

A peculiar charm of the dargah is the presence of numerous cats and kittens that wander the sprawling complex. Local beliefs draw people to bring these feline companions, leaving them in the care of the dargah's serene surroundings.

In the tranquil embrace of Hazrat Dastagir Sahib Dargah, history, mystique, and faith intertwine, creating a haven for both devotees and feline friends alike.

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  1. Amazing. Shud visit when I visit Chennai again.


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