March 11, 2016

Azim Khan's Tomb - Delhi

Site Name: Azim Khan's Tomb
Site Type: Monument
Location:  Mehrauli, Delhi, India
Highlights: Little known monument in Delhi

Nearest Railway Station: Delhi
Nearest Airport: Delhi
How to reach: Well connected by road, rail and air

Hotel: A lot of options are available within Delhi city
Restaurants: Many options and varieties across the city

Delhi, the capital city of India, is famous for monuments. It has around 1300 monuments. Qutb Minar is one of the most popular monuments in Delhi. Let me introduce a little known monument called Azim Khan's Tomb in this article.


Azim Khan's Tomb is located in Lado Serai in Mehrauli area. It is very near to the famous Qutb Minar.


Whose tomb is this? It's called as Azim Khan's tomb. Who is Azim Khan? No one knows clearly. However, let me quote what most of the historians believe.

It is believed that Azim Khan was a general in the Mughal Emperor Akbar's army. To know more about who was Azim Khan, we need to talk about Adham Khan. (Click here to know about Adham Khan's tomb in Delhi.) Maham Anga, the wet nurse of Akbar, was often referred as the foster mother of Akbar. Adham Khan was the younger son of Maham Anga. Maham Anga was politically very influential. After the removal of Bairam Khan, Adham Khan was appointed as the Mughal general.

Malwa kingdom was under the control of the Mughals. It declared independence on its own during the period of Humayun, Akbar's father. Akbar sent an army led by Adham Khan to Malwa. The battle is called as Battle of Sarangpur. Adham Khan defeated the Sultan of Malwa Baz Bahadur in 1561 CE. (Baz Bahadur had fallen in love with the singer and a very beautiful lady named Roopmati. The Muslim Sultan had married the Hindu singer and made her as his queen.) Adham Khan was attracted by the beauty of Roopmati. However, he could not do anything to her. She committed suicide by jumping into a pyre. 

Adham Khan got furious and ordered his soldiers to kill the captive soldiers along with the women and children in their families. He did not spare even the Saiyyids who had welcomed his army. He burnt them alive. Moreover, he refused to send the acquired treasure to Akbar. He merely sent few elephants to the Emperor.

All these made Akbar to lead an army himself and proceed towards Malwa to subdue Adham Khan. Adham Khan was defeated and was called back.

As per few historians, the army was lead by a general named Azim Khan and not by Akbar himself. After the victory over Adham Khan, Azim Khan got the title of "Akbar" from the Emperor. Thereafter, he was also called as Akbar Khan.

During the period of Jehangir, Akbar's son, Azim Khan started following Hazrat Nizamuddin's Chishtiyya order of Sufism. He gave up his warrior life and became spiritual. People started coming to him for guidance and solutions to their personal problems. As the number of people visiting him kept on increasing, he decided to move to a place which was not easily accessible. Hence, it is believed that somewhere in the early 17th century CE, he built a tomb for himself atop a hill surrounded by rocks and barren land. Thus, Azhim Khan's Tomb was born.

Azim Khan's Tomb

The spectacular tomb is square in shape and has a dome on top of it. The tomb stands on a stone plinth atop a small hill. The grave stone disappeared and only the structure remains now. The site can be reached by travelling through a deserted lane and by climbing many steep steps. 

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