July 16, 2011

Howrah Bridge - Kolkata, India

Howrah bridge is an important landmark of Kolkata city in India. This engineering marvel also remains as a good tourist site of Kolkata for out-siders. The construction of Howrah bridge was started in 1937. It was an era of cantilever bridges. Hence, this bridge was also constructed as a cantilever bridge. It connects the city Kolkata with Howrah across the river Hooghly. Hence, the bridge was named as new Howrah bridge. In 1965, it was renamed as Rabindra Setu. However, people still refer this famous bridge of Kolkata as Howrah bridge.

Howrah Bridge
Apart from this Howrah bridge which was constructed during the British period, there are other three bridges constructed on the Hooghly river. They are Vidyasagar Setu, Vivekananda Setu and Nivedita Setu. Out of these three bridges constructed post independence of India, Vidyasagar Setu is being referred as the second Howrah bridge. This is the second bridge built across the river Hooghly. It is the longest cable-stayed bridge in India.

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Howrah Bridge
Vidyasagar Setu
Fast Facts:
Site Name: Howrah Bridge
Site Type: Bridge, Engineering marvel
Location:  Kolkata city, West Bengal state, India 
Engineering marvel - Cantilever bridge
Nearest Railway Station: Kolkata - well connected from the cities/towns all over India
Nearest Airport: Kolkata has both national and international airports
How to reach: Easily reachable from Kolkata
Hotel: Many star hotels, luxury hotels/resorts, and budget hotels are available in Kolkata
Restaurants: All options - vegetarian, non-vegetarian, Chinese, South Indian, Gujarati, North Indian, Punjabi,....- you can find everything in Kolkata city

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