May 27, 2018

Nava Narasimha Temple of Chennai

If I say "Nava Narasimha Temple", you would immediately think about Ahobilam. Few of you might even think about Avaniyapuram. But, I am not going to talk about those Nava Narasimha Temples, but about the one located right within Chennai.

Thanks to the IT industry, some of the unknown localities of Chennai suburb came into limelight in the last two decades. Navalur is one such locality. Not many know that there is a temple for Nava Narasimha in this locality, which appears to have been adopted by the IT companies. This small temple, which is run by a private entity, is located in a lane behind AGS Cinemas.

This temple becomes unique not only as it has Nine Narasimha Murtis, but also due to the fact that each of the Murtis are in unique forms/postures.

The east facing temple has a modern day structure as it was built 2-3 years ago (I am writing this post in 2018 CE). There is no tower and the vimana is obviously not artistic.

The sanctum enshrines Narasimha along with his two consorts. In this shrine, he is called as Surya Narayana. He is found seated on Adisesha. He has four arms and hold conch and discus in his upper arms. It is around six feet high magnificent icon. The utsav icons of Surya Narayana and his two consorts are also found in the sanctum.

All other eight Narasimhas are found around the sanctum.

At the either sides of the entrance of the sanctum, two niche images of Narasimha are found. The true left side has Narasimha in the standing posture, who has four arms. He is named as Divya Narayana. The right side has Narasimha with two arms, who is in the sitting posture. He is called as Mathi Narayana.

On the prakara, the first image is Veera Narayana. Here, Narasimha is seated with his right leg folded, somewhat similar to the posture of Ayyanar. Ramanuja and Desikar are found in the same shrine.

The next image is Sarva Narayan. He is in the reclining posture similar to Ranganath. Lakshmi is found near his feet.

Then, there is Gnana Narayana, who holds bow and arrow like Ram. His wife is Chenju Lakshmi, who has the typical posture of Sita. Hanuman is also found in this shrine.

Kroda Narayana comes next. Here, Narasimha is found in Adi Yoga form.

Brahaspati Narayana is the next form of Narasimha, where he has four arms and holds book in his left upper arm. Brahaspati is also found in the same shrine.

With Garud standing nearby and having Lakshmi on his left lap, Deva Narayana is found as the as the next form of Narasimha.

Although it is a new temple, all the representations of Narasimha are unique. When you get an opportunity, go and visit this temple.

Happy travelling.

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