May 26, 2018

Arubathumoovar Procession of Mylapore

Among various festivals that are celebrated across Chennai city throughout the year, Arubathumoovar Procession of Mylapore Kapaleeswara Temple is the most popular and crowd pulling festival.

During the Tamil Month of Panguni (March/April), the annual festival of Kapaleesvara Temple is celebrated. The most important event among the ten day celebrations is the procession of 63 Nayanmars (the legendary devotees of Lord Shiva). As there are 63 Nayanmars, they are refereed as Arubathumoovar in Tamil, which denotes the number 63.

Photo Courtesy: Mr. Venkateswaran Radhaswamy

During the Arubathumoovar Procession, along with Kapaleesvara and Karpagambal, the bronze images of all 63 Nayanmars are taken in palanquins. The palanquins of Nayanmars face Kapaleeswara and hence they move backwards during the procession. It is a colorful and gala event of the city, which is being witnessed by thousands of devotees every year.

Photo Courtesy: Mr. Venkateswaran Radhaswamy

The other deities such as Ganesha, Singara Vela and Chandikeswara also follow Kapaleesvara and Nayanmars in the procession. Even the icons of deities of other temples of Mylapore also accompany them. Interestingly, the bronze icons of Tiruvalluvar and his consort Vasuki also take part in this procession.

If you live in Chennai, you should take part in this historic festival at least once in your lifetime.

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Click here to watch the videos of this celebration.

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