September 30, 2017

Mylapore during Navaratri

Navaratri is celebrated for ten days (including Dussera) all over India. In every state, it is celebrated in a unique way. It is famous as Durga Pooja celebrations in Bengal. Gujaratis celebrate Navaratri with dandiya and garba. In Tamil Nadu, Kolu is the highlight of Navaratri celebrations.

Kolu (which is usually mis-spelt as Golu) is an interesting and artistic way of displaying dolls during the Navaratri times. The dolls are placed on odd numbered steps. This tradition of Kolu has been followed for hundreds of years in the houses and nowadays even in the temples.

During the Navaratri times, all over the state, the dolls are sold on the temporary road side shops. Although the dolls are sold in every nook and corner of the state during the festival time, when it comes to Chennai city, people would mostly like to buy the dolls from Mylapore locality. The heritage rich area would have hundreds of road side shops selling thousands of dolls during the festivals. The Mada Streets around the famous Kapaleeswarar temple would have the festive-look. The dolls depicting various deities, saints, kings and even common man in different postures, some theme based dolls and few dolls with unique designs are all found on the streets.

Mylapore is traditionally famous for many things including Kolu bommais (dolls). It would be interesting to visit the area during this festival, whether you would want to buy the dolls or not.

Happy travelling.

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