September 27, 2017

Kakada Ramprasad - Chennai

According to me, Mint Street in Sowcarpet is the best place in Chennai for a pakka food trail. For every ten steps you would find a unique option here. Especially, if you want to taste the Gujarati or North Indian snacks, Sowcarpet is unarguably the best option in the city. Kakada Ramprasad sweet shop is one of the best among those few popular Guajarati/Rajasthani/North Indian shops.

Ramprasad Kakda from Rajasthan started a sweet shop in Mint Street in 1958 CE. He apparently served only jalebis and moti paks initially. Today, there are hundreds of varieties of sweets and chat items available in this shop. Also, there is a restaurant that has come up on the top floor in the recent years. The shop has also opened its branches in other localities of the city.

This is arguably the best place to have badam milk in the entire city. Apart from badam milk, the shop is known for aloo tikki and hot jalebis too.

If you go to Sowcarpet, do not miss this 60 years old shop.

Happy travelling.

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