September 11, 2017

Body Guard Mosque

Those who know about the famous Body Guard Muneeswaran Temple of Chennai might not know about the mosque which shares the same name, Body Guard Mosque.

The Body Guard Mosque is located in a slum area right on the banks of the Cooum River. The nearest well known location is Periyar Bridge. The BodyGuard line is located diagonally opposite to the famous Gymkhana Club in Anna Salai.

The site where the Government Hospital is located today had a heritage building earlier. The original building was purchased by the British from the Madra family sometime in the 1750s. Since then, it served as the residence of the Governor till 1947 CE.  (Later it became MLA Hostel.)

When the Governor was staying in this huge residence on the other side of the Cooum River, his bodyguards lived in a lane on the banks of the river. Most of the bodyguards were Muslims. They constructed a mosque on their locality in the late 1800s. Thus, the mosque has been called as the Bodyguard Mosque. The current structure of the mosque was the renovated one in the early 1900s.

The information about the mosque was gathered in the heritage walk lead by the historian Sriram V.

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