September 25, 2017

The Unknown Temple of Abhaya Anjaneya in Chennai

If I am not wrong, no other print or electronic media has covered the temple on which this article is written.

Anjaneya is generally found in Anjali Hasta (depicted with folded hands). Only in few temples, he is found in Abhaya Mudra. There is one such temple found in Sowcarpet area of Chennai. The lane where the Rath (car) of the twin temples Chenna Kesava and Chenna Mallikeswarar is stationed is called as Theradi Street. This lane being a dead end and as the Rath blocks the passage, hardly anyone would venture into this lane. Even Google Map does not help us to find this lane. It is located diagonally opposite to the twin Pattinam temples. At the end of this small lane, the temple of Anjaneya is located. It's a small temple with one shrine. Few pillars and a mandap like structure is found nearby. The temple is named as Bhakta Abhaya Varaprada Anjaneya Swami. Hanuman is found in the standing posture. His right arm is in Abhaya mudra and his left arm is holding a mace.

In 1940s, the Madras Jewellers & Diamond Merchant's Association, was functioning in an office in this lane. This temple must be minimum 100 years old.

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