June 11, 2017

Val Muneeswaran - Chennai

I have already covered about the biggest and the second biggest Muneeswaran of Chennai in my blog. This is about another such big idol of Muneeswaran.

Muneeswaran is a popular Grama devta (village deity). He is found all over Tamil Nadu and even in some parts of Karnataka. For the region around Chennai, the presiding male village deity is always Muneeswaran. There are many small and big Muneeswaran temples in and around Chennai, which remain unknown or lesser known. Let me discuss about one such lesser known Muneeswaran temple in this article.

Medavakkam is a well known locality of Chennai, which is very crowded and congested. But the region where this temple is located is very peaceful, although it is also part of Medavakkam. In fact, it is a proper village setup. It is like having a village inside the city.

The temple is named as Pachai Amman temple. Pachai Amman is form of Parvati, who is worshiped as a village deity. The temple also has the shrines of Vedapureeswarar Linga and Nagathamman. Nathamman idol is found along with a real snake-hole. Vedapureeswarar shrine is like a typical Shiva temple which has Amman and niche idols.

In the open space around the temple, the Sapta Matas are depicted as seven sacred bricks. Similarly, Sapta Munis, the seven forms of Muneeswara, are also depicted in the form of seven bricks.

The big stucco image of Val Muneeswaran also lies in the open space in front of the temple. He is found in the sitting posture with his left leg folded. He holds sickle and mace in his arms. He sports big moustache and has big eyes which depict his ferocious form. This image is the highlight of this temple.

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