June 24, 2017

Sitalayana Matha

Mullayanagiri is the highest peak of Karnataka state in India. At the foothill of Mullayangiri, at about 2.5 kms from there, Sitalayana Matha is located.

Sitalayana Matha is a temple. However, the site is visited by all tourists who travel to Chikmagalur region, thanks to its scenic location which acts as an excellent hill viewpoint. Sometimes, the tourists are not allowed till Mullayanagiri peak. They have to satisfy themselves with the aerial view of the nearby villages only from Sitalayana Matha.

The temple enshrines a Shiv Linga called as Sitalayana Mallikarjuna. The sanctum also enshrines the metal images of Shiva and Uma. The shrines of Utsava Ganapati and Veerabhadra are also found in the temple. In the prakara, there is a Vishnu image which has two lions on either sides.

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