June 4, 2017

Poosimalai Kuppam Palace

This palace, which is located amidst the reserve forest, looks like a haunted place now. It is sad to find such a beautiful structure which gives heritage value to the town is left to ruin. Let me discuss about this lesser known place called Poosimalai Kuppam Palace in this article.

Thanks to Architect Shri. Mohan Hariharan from Arani. Without his help, I might have never seen this place. Most of the details that are provided in this article are based on what he had explained.

At a distance of around 16 kms from Arani, the historic town of Tiruvannamali district in Tamil Nadu state of India, the place called Poosimalai Kuppam is located. The place is a reserved forest area. A very narrow road connects to this palace. This palace is located in the middle and is surrounded by hundreds of trees and few hills.

Tirumalai Saheb of Arani Jagir seems to have constructed this palace in 1860 CE. He had reportedly built this palace to accommodate his Anglo Indian wife. It is believed that he had planted all these trees around the palace thus changing this area into a thick forest. We could only guess his intention as there is no record available that divulges the details.

The palace was reportedly used by the Zamindar as a hunting place. He used to hunt deer and boar by shooting from this palace. It is said that the British had captured this palace later and looted and damaged.

The building which looks like a British styled structure is extremely beautiful. The surrounding paddy fields, forest and the hills make this site much more beautiful. Sadly neglected by the Government, this building which is in ruin, has three floors. The top floor has tiled sloping roof. The rain water drain pipes that are found on the roof were imported from England.

The walls of the palace are built with high quality bricks and plastered with lime mortar. They are of high quality finish. They are painted with red oxide color and looks awesome in the bright sun. Some of the interior walls have floral designs.

Today, the miscreants have done more damage to the beautiful building than what was reportedly done by the British. All the walls are scribbled badly. The doors are missing and the windows look damaged. Still, the palace looks majestic.

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  1. Thanks for bringing to light these unknown gems. How long does it take from Chennai? And does one need permission to visit the palace, or free access is there?

    1. It's around 150 kms from Chennai. No permission is needed to visit this place.

    2. Thanks for the information sir.. I just came to know this place. will certainly visit this one