June 10, 2017

Muthialpet School - Chennai

Muthialpet Higher Secondary School is one of the earliest schools of Chennai city, which is still surviving. It was started in the year 1847 CE. This should be considered as a heritage structure.

This school is located in Thambu Chetty Street in Mannady area of Chennai city. It is very near to the famous Kalikambal Temple.

Sri V. Vijayaragavalu Chetti, Sri P. Somasundaram Chettiar, Sri A. Subbarayulu Chettiar and Sri S. Appaswami Chetti were notable among the few gentlemen who started this school in 1847 CE. Their objective was to impart instruction in Sanskrit, Telugu and Tamil to the children of the locality. It was called as "Samskrita Andhra Dravida Patasala". The English education was introduced in 1857 CE and the school was renamed as "The Muthialpet Anglo Vernacular School". When the school was elevated to the status of a high school in 1896 CE, it was renamed as "The Muthialpet High School".

Originally, the school was in a rented building and it moved to the present building in 1895 CE.

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