June 3, 2017

Arni Satya Vijaya Nagaram Palace

Let me take you to the palace of the family which possessed 182 cars. Yes! It's unbelievable, but that's true. I mean it - literally. The Zamindars of the historic town of Arani had 182 cars including many imported cars at one point of time. This article focuses about the Satya Vijaya Nagaram Palace which belonged to them.

Arani is a historic town located in Tiruvannamalai district of Tamil Nadu state in India. Satya Vijaya Nagaram, which is shortly called as S.V. Nagaram, was a village located near Arani. Now, it has become a part of the town.

Who were these Zamindars of Arani? Vedaji Bhaskar Pant, a Maharashtra Brahmin, accompanied Shahji, the father of Sivaji, in his expedition in the South India. Shahji gifted the Jagir of Arani to Pant in 1640 CE. Since then, the Zamindars ruled Arani. They remained powerful in this area till 1948 CE.

Sri Satya Vijaya Teertharu was a pontiff of Uttaradhi Mutt. The Jagirdar of Arani, Venkatanatha Rao Sahib, who was the descendant of Pant, was an ardent devotee of this saint. The Jagirdar constructed the mutt and Moola Brindavan for this saint and also renamed the village after the saint. Later, the King shifted from Arani and built a magnificent palace near the Brindavan and settled down here.

The palace is in a very bad shape now. It might collapse at anytime. The building which was built in the beginning of the 19th century CE could have been an important monument, had it been maintained properly. The main palace building is in ruins. However, some of the adjoining buildings are in better shape, which are used by the Government to run a Veterinary hospital and few other offices.

Although the palace is in dilapidated state now, the designs of windows, entrances, ceilings, the stucco works featuring human and lion faces and lot of other features of the building are all still attractive. The entrance of the Queen's Palace has the Jagir's emblem along with Latin letters is etched.

The palace and its surroundings definitely take us to the 19th century CE. The current poor state of the palace makes us wonder how and why the lavish building of the super rich family is ill-fated at last.

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I collected the details about Jagirdars and the palace from the below two sites.

www . arnijagir.com
srisatyavijaya . org

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