May 25, 2017

Malola Narasimha Temple of Chennai

The hustle and bustle of the busy Velachery locality of Chennai has not affected this beautiful temple of Malola Narasimha. This is located in a calm street of Balaji Nagar surrounded by the most happening Phoenix Mall, the congested Velachery lanes and the busy By-pass Road. Not many of the citizens know about this temple. Let me discuss about this site in this article.

Malola Narasimha is one of nine forms of  Narasimha. It should be noted that there is an old Yoga Narasimha temple located in Velachery. This is another temple for Narasimha in the same locality. Do not confuse that temple with this one.

This temple is located in a two storied structure, which looks like a typical independent house. There is no tower or even vimana on top of the sanctum. In 1994 CE, Sri Narasimha Dasar, founded Narasimha Peetam in this building. In 2002 CE, the math was elevated to the status of the temple after installation of a stone idol and utsav idol of Narasimha.

The male devotees should strictly wear dhotis and the female devotees should wear only sarees to be allowed to enter into the temple. This is very strictly followed. Leather products are also not allowed in this temple.

The temple has two floors. The ground floor has very few small stone idols such as Ganesh, Nagas, Hanuman, Mari Amman and the founder of this peetam (or his Guru?).

The sanctum is located on the first floor. The sanctum enshrines the gigantic seven and half feet high Akasha Narsimha along with Lakshmi. The idol looks majestic.

The bronze idol of Narasimha along with Lakshmi is also enshrined in the sanctum. He is named as Malola Narasimha. The temple is named after this utsav deity. Garud is found facing towards the sanctum.

Beside the sanctum, there is another sub-shrine that enshrines a lot of idols such as the Panchaloha idols of Garud, Prahalada and Narasimha with his two consorts. In addition, the beautiful Kalyana Narasimha (Narasimha and Lakshmi seated on a seat), Yoga Narasimha and Hanuman idols made out of Fig wood are also found in the same shrine.

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