May 21, 2017

Cosmopolitan Club Travancore Pavilion

When Chennai was under the control of East India Company, the Madras Club was formed in 1832 CE. In those days, it was the center of social activity in Chennai. However, the Club did not satisfy the social needs of the rich Indians, as only the Europeans were allowed to become members of the Club.  In 1873 CE, the Cosmopolitan Club was set up mainly to enable the affluent Indians to have social intercourse with the Europeans.

Although the Cosmopolitan Club was set up in Moore's Road in Thousand Lights area, it soon moved to Mount Road (Anna Salai). It still remains in the same location. However, the Club extended its operations beyond its complex. It acquired the Travancore Pavilion in Nandanam area in 1938 CE.

Travancore Pavilion is named after the Raja of Travancore, Padmanabha Dasa Bala Varma, who was one of the founding members of the club. Today, this annexe has many recreational facilities. Importantly, it has the prestigious 18-hole golf course. It is one of such golf courses of Chennai.

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