December 12, 2015

Nagesvara Temple, Bhubaneswar

Site Name: Nagesvara Temple 
Site Type: Hindu ancient temple
Location:   Bhubaneswar city, Odisha state, India
Highlights: Architecturally beautiful ancient temple
Nearest Railway Station: Bhubaneswar
Nearest Airport: Bhubaneswar
How to reach: Well connected by road, rail and air
Hotel: There are many options across the city
Restaurants: Varieties of options

Bhubaneswar, which is the capital city of Odisha (formerly Orissa) state of India, is called as 'the City of Temples'. It once had around 3000 temples and even today hundreds of temples are located in every nook and corner of this heritage rich city. The city is called as Ekamara Kshetra as it has so many Shiva temples. Let us explore an ancient and little known temple named Nagesvara temple in this article.


Nagesvara temple is located at a distance of around 1 kms from Ramesvara temple. Please note that there are one or two more temples with the same name in Bhubaneswar.


The temple was built by the Somavamshi Kings in the 10th century CE. 

Temple Layout:

The temple is situated amidst a beautiful garden. It is a living temple enshrining Shiva Linga who is called as Nagesvara.

There are Parsvadevtas (niche images) of Ganesha, Kartikeya and Parvati on the outer walls of the temple.

The temple has rekha vimana and it is plain without any decoration or designs.

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