January 15, 2014

Aadi Varaha Temple - Kallidaikurichi

Site Name: Aadi Varaha Temple
Site Type: Hindu temple
Location:  Kallidaikurichi, near Ambasamudram town, Tamil Nadu state, India
Highlights: An important and ancient temple in Kallidaikurichi
Nearest Railway Station: Kallidaikurichi
Nearest Airport: Tirunelveli
How to reach: Well connected; can be reached to this temple from an auto rickshaw from the center of the town
Hotel: Few options within the town; more options in the nearby city Tirunelveli
Restaurants: Only few options within the town

Kallidaikurichi is a picturesque village located adjacent to another picturesque town called Ambasamudram on the banks of the beautiful Tamrabharani river and on the foothills of the Western Ghats. The nearest city is Tirunelveli. It is located in Tamil Nadu state in South India.The village has a lot of scenic spots and temples. Let us explore the most important temple of the village, Aadi Varaha temple. It is an ancient temple located in a peaceful site with a calm Agraharam street facing it. 

  • God - Aadi Varaha
  •  Goddess – Lakshmi
  • Varaha with Lakshmi on his lap (generally Bhoomi Devi is found with Varaha)
  • A separate shrine in the first tier above the main shrine
  • Muthu Swamy Dikshidar has composed songs about this Lord


As per the legend, there was a king who was a devotee of Lord Krishna; he was ruling this region. He performed Ashwamedha yagna; all the deities such as Brahma, Shiva, Indira, etc. came over there to accept the yagna offerings. However, Vishnu alone did not appear. All the seers who were helping the king to perform the yagna prayed to Lord Vishnu. Based on their prayer, he appeared there in the form of Varaha along with Lakshmi.

Later, Kubera was travelling in this region. He kept on visiting many Shiva temples; as he wanted to visit a Vishnu temple, he installed Varaha idol in this site. In due course, the temple disappeared. After many years, a devotee got a dream and accordingly discovered the idols. The current temple was built with those idols.

 Temple Layout:

Aadi Varaha temple is a small temple located at the heart of Kallidaikurichi village. The east facing temple does not have tower, but has the flag staff, bali peetha and Garud facing the main shrine. The temple has two prakaras. The structure belongs to the 15th century CE.

The east facing sanctum sanctorum has the idol of Varaha in the sitting posture holding Lakshmi on his left lap. It is generally Bhoomi Devi who is found along with Varaha. It is unique in this temple. 

The utsava idols of Lakshmipati along with his two consorts are also found in the sanctum.

Two sub shrines are found in the either sides of the main shrine - for Sri Devi and Bhoo Devi. Both of them are found with four arms and in the sitting posture. It should be noted that unlike other Vishnu temples, Andal is not found; instead, Bhoo Devi is found.

The idols of Vishwaksena, few Alwars, Vishnu with Lakshmi on his left lap and Dasha Avatars (ten incarnations of Vishnu) are also found in this temple.

Above the sanctum sanctorum in the first tier of the vimana, there is a shrine for Sayana Perumal - Vishnu in the reclining posture with Brahma on his navel and his two consorts on his feet. All these idols are colorful stucco images.

The Agraharam street facing the temple's entrance is a peaceful and beautiful location. It is an ideal place to live for devotees and peace loving people. Appalams, Vadams, Murukku and other such items are very popular in this village and they can be bought in this street.

Happy travelling.

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  1. There are 18 Agraharams in the village thus making it largest settlement of Brahmins than any other place on the earth. Still people live in these places. There are lots of temples in the village older than Adi Varaha Temple. The Inner Sanctom of the temple is 9 - 10th CE Temple whereas outer ones are of 13-15 CE as the area was under Travancore Kings. Kubera was invited to the Yagna and he found the place very calm and he consecrated the idol of Adi Varaha i will post more on the story soon

  2. Hello Krishnakumar, read your blog great work. I have been to Kallidaikurichi and read number of blogs on the topic. I consider your blog to be one of the most informative ones. You have cover almost every important aspects about the temple. Great work and thanks for the map :)

    1. In the article it is mentioned that Ambasamudram is the nearest Railway Station.Kallidaikurichi has a Railway Station,presumably as old as Ambasamudram .

    2. In the blog it is mentioned that the nearest Railway Station is Ambasamudram.Kallidaikurichi itself has a Railway Station,presumably as old as Ambasamudram station itself.

  3. Photo of Garuda Seva of Adhivarahaperumal is a treat. Lakshmipathyseva sangam arranges the same.