January 3, 2014

Ambasamudram aka "the heaven"

Ambasamudram is a small town located near Tirunelveli city in Tamil Nadu state of South India. The town is one of the favorite locations for many Tamil movies thanks to its beautiful paddy fields on the backdrop of hills, the lovely river and the picturesque road connecting the town with the river.

The town is at the central location from where you can easily travel to the attractive locations of Western Ghats such as Manjolai hills, Mundanthurai tiger reserve forest, Manimutharu falls and dam, Agastiar waterfalls, Papanasam, etc.

The river Tambrabharani (also written as Tamirabarani) is arguably the most beautiful river in the entire state of Tamil Nadu. The river flows with full force in this small town due to its proximity to its origin in the Podigai hills. If you want to experience heavenly pleasure, take a walk in "Aathu Salai" the road connecting the town with the river and take bath in this holy river during the monsoon season.

Ambasamudram and Kallidaikurichi are separated by the river. If you want to live a peaceful life in traditional way, these are the ideal spots.

Apart from the river and the scenic spots, the town also houses many important temples. Visit my blog regularly for the posts on all the temples of Ambasamudram.

Happy travelling.

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