July 19, 2012

Kalindi Kunj Park - Delhi

Site Name: Kalindi Kunj Park
Site Type: Park
Location:  Delhi-Noida Park
Highlights: An important park in Delhi
Nearest Railway Station: Delhi
Nearest Airport: Delhi
How to reach: Well connected by road, rail and air

Hotel: A lot of options are available within Delhi city
Restaurants: Many options and varieties across the city

New Delhi, the capital city of India, is full of parks and gardens. Kalindi Kunj is an important park in Delhi located on the banks of the river Yamuna. It is an important picnic spot for the citizens of Noida as well as Delhi as it is actually located in the border of both these cities.

The park named after the other name of river Yamuna (Kalindi) has vast area. It has a lot of fountains as well as extensive lawns. The evenings in the park are much colorful.

It remains as one of the frequently visited parks in Delhi and Noida.

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