July 24, 2012


Site Name: Manipal
Site Type: A university town
Location:  Near Mangalore and Udupi, Karnataka State, India
Highlights: A beautiful town located on the plateau
Nearest Railway Station: Udupi (Mangalore train station has better connectivity from the other parts of India; Udupi station is a small one with less connectivity)
Nearest Airport: Mangalore
How to reach: Well connect by road from Udupi and Mangalore
Hotel: A lot of options are available in Udupi and few options in Manipal
Restaurants: Udupi cuisine is popular; many vegetarian restaurants are located across the town

Manipal town located in Karnataka state of India is very popular among Indians due to Manipal University. This beautiful university town is located in the rocky hinterland of Malabar coastal area near the pilgrimage Udupi. Let us explore some of the important tourist places in this town.

End Point Park
 End Point

If you go to Manipal's End Point, you will wonder if you have come to any foreign country. This well maintained deserted place at one end of Manipal town is really a heaven. From the top of the plateau (End Point) you can see the beautiful river running below and also Western Ghats. As no motor vehicles are allowed inside the complex the 3-4 km stretch of well laid road is good for jogging and cycling. The big playground located in End Point area is a boon for those who are interested in outdoor games. The green and clean park is the highlight of the entire area from where people view sunset, which is an important and interesting activity in this area.

Venugopala Temple
Venugopala Temple

Venugopala temple located in the university complex is a small and beautiful temple. The nearby children's park is a main attraction to the tourists. The temple houses the beautiful idol of Lord Krishna in the main shrine. The temple also has other shrines for Ganesha, Naga and Hanuman.

Manipal - a pleasant site for tourists!

Happy travelling.

Sunset at End Point

Sunset at End Point

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