June 9, 2012

Bangalore Museum and Venkatappa Art Gallery

Site Name: The Karnataka Government Museum and Venkatappa Art Gallery
Site Type: Museum and Gallery
Location:  Bangalore city, Karnataka state, India
Highlights: An important gallery and museum of Bangalore city
Nearest Railway Station: Bangalore
Nearest Airport: Bangalore
How to reach: Well connected by road, rail and air
Hotel: A lot of options are available in Bangalore
Restaurants: A lot of good restaurants are located all over the city

Bangalore, the garden city of India aka the IT city of India, has a lot of interesting sites for tourists. There is a wide range of places of interest, which include temples, gardens, parks, palaces and even museums. The Karnataka Government Museum and Venkatappa Art Gallery are important tourist sites in this city. Let us explore both these sites located in the same complex.

The museum in Bangalore was established in 1866 AD and it is one of the oldest museums of India. The museum houses a lot of Mysore Paintings and beautiful Hoysala period sculptures. It also houses inscriptions, coins and old weapons.

The museum might be similar to any other museums and there is nothing unique or special. However, the Venkatappa Art Gallery located adjacent to the museum building makes this site very attractive. The Gallery named after the popular artist Venkatappa has around 600 paintings by many renowned artists such as Venkatappa, M. F. Hussain, Hanumaiah and others. Many master pieces of Venkatappa are found in this gallery, which are the highlights of the entire site.

When you visit Bangalore, ensure that you visit this museum. Also, Visvesvaraya Museum located adjacent to this building is very popular.

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