February 14, 2010

One of the best terrace gardens - Brindavan Gardens, Mysore, India

When you think of Mysore city of South India, you cannot restrict yourself from thinking about Brindavan Gardens. Brindavan Gardens is considered as one of the most beautiful laid out terrace gardens in the world. It is very popular for its extraordinary beauty and grandeur. Brindavan Gardens is located in Mandya district at a distance of around 24 km from Mysore.

Brindavan Gardens is basically a terrace garden laid out behind the Krishnaraja Sagar dam. The garden, which is famous for its symmetric design, extends over an area of 60 acres. It is laid out in three terraces. You can find a lot of ornamental plants in the slopes. The garden, which is visited by around 2 million people every year, has innumerable fountains decorated with colored lighting. The evenings are the best in Brindavan Gardens. The illuminated running waters and fountains with changing colors of lights is a beautiful event that the tourists watch every evening.

The musical fountain, that is located on the northern side of the garden is a major attraction within the garden during the evenings. Between the main garden and the musical fountain, there is a lake, which you can cross either by enjoying a boat ride or walking through the nearby pathway.

The Department of Horticulture started the work of laying out this garden in 1927 AD. For many decades, it remains as one of the main attractions for school children across India.

Brindavan Gardens is easily accessible. You can reach Brindavan Gardens easily by government and private buses. When you happen to go to Mysore, don't miss this place.

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Fast Facts:

Site Name: Brindavan Gardens
Site Type: Park, Garden, Musical fountain
Location: 24 kms from Mysore at Mandya district, Karnataka state, India
Nearest Railway Station: Mysore
Nearest Airport: Bangalore (around 170 kms)
Local Transport: Easily reachable from Mysore; there are lot of private and government buses
Hotel: It is best to stay at Mysore (24 kms from here)
Restaurants: Good restaurants are available only at Mysore

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