February 23, 2010

A submerged temple - Maleswara Temple, Talakad, Near Mysore, India

Talakad aka Talakadu, a small town near Mysore city of Karnataka state in India is famous for Cauvery river, ancient temples buried in the sand, and Panchalinga Darshan. To know more about Talakad town, visit my post on Talakad.

Talakad has three temples of Lord Shiva and one temple for Lord Vishnu. The main temple of the town is Vaidyanatheswara temple aka Vaideeshwareswar temple. (Vaidyanatheswara is a name for Lord Shiva).

As mentioned above, Talakad town is also famous for Panchalinga Darshan (Darshan of five Shiv Lingas). The main temple, Vaidyanatheswara temple is one of the five Shivlingas (one of the Pancha lingas). From the famous Vaidyanatheswar temple, if you walk on sand for about 3 kms, you will reach the temple of Pataleswar. If you walk up for another 2 kms, you will reach the temple of Lord Maleswara, which is again another Panchalinga temple. This temple is completely buried under sand dunes. The temple comes to life when it is excavated for the Panchalinga Darshan festival held once in every twelve years. The Maleswara temple is very small. It has just one idol of Lord Shiv linga.

There are buses to Talakad from Mysore city. The best way to travel is either by car or taxi from Mysore. For hotels and good restaurants, you need to go to Mysore city.

Happy travelling.

Fast Facts:

Site Name: Maleswara Temple
Site Type: Temple buried in sand
Location: Talakad or Talakadu town, 50 kms from Mysore, Karnataka state, India
Highlight: Temple buried in sand; one of the Pancha lingas;
Nearest Railway Station: Mysore
Nearest Airport: Bangalore
Local Transport: Easily reachable from Mysore; It is better to travel by car or taxi rather than depending on public transport
Hotel: It is best to stay at Mysore (50 kms from here)
Restaurants: Good restaurants are available only at Mysore

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