February 10, 2010

A lovely place in Mumbai - Juhu Beach, Mumbai, India

Mumbai, formerly called as Bombay, the capital city of Maharashtra state, is one of the most popular cities of India. This is the place where Indian cinemas (Bollywood/Hindi cinemas) are made. Juhu is a popular area in Western Mumbai, and the most popular site in Juhu area is the beautiful Juhu beach. Juhu beach is the most beautiful and important beach in Mumbai.

The distance from VT railway station to Juhu beach is approximately 22 kms. You can easily reach Juhu beach either on your own vehicle or by public transport.

Juhu beach is highly crowded during week ends and evenings. It is always pleasure to watch sun rise or sun set in Juhu. Also, if you want to taste the local food of Mumbai, Juhu beach is the best destination for the same. Juhu beach is clean, neat and comparitively well maintained beach.

Your visit to Mumbai is incomplete if you don’t go to Juhu beach. Ensure that you visit this place when you visit Mumbai.

Happy travelling.

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  1. The beach was encroached and occupied by a numbar of traders of Panipuri,Bhel,Narial Pani,Ragda Patties,Kulfi,Camel-Horse ridewalla,Makadwalas,Pick Pockets,Road Romeos etc.thuse bringing disgrace. But recently,The Municipal Authorities seem to have looked into,and have brought necessary changes making the visitors feel good. ....Ramchandra Karnik