March 11, 2018

Venbedu Anjaneya

Venbedu is a small lesser known village located at a distance of around 30 kms from Tambaram on Thirupporur route.

On the high road of this village, the huge stucco sculpture of Anjaneya, who is called as Vishwaroopa Anjaneya, is noticeable and attractive. Hanuman is found in Abhya mudra and holds mace in his left arm. He is usually depicted in Anjali Mudra in many of the temples. The village is getting popular in the surrounding villages due to this temple.

There is a Shiva temple called as Agasteeswarar near this Hanuman idol. It is supposed to be a very temple, which has been completely renovated.

At the time of putting this blog post, there are plans to extend the temple and install few idols such as Ram, Yoga Anjaneya and Yoga Narasimha.

Happy travelling.

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