December 27, 2017

Mambakkam Kulam (Waterbodies of Chennai - 1)

As per a report, there were about 650+ waterbodies in Chennai region till 1980s. Today, only a fraction of them exist. And, most of those surviving waterbodies hardly have water and even some of them that  have water had been shrunk badly. In Chennai, there are tank roads without tanks nearby and lake view roads without any lake in the vicinity. There is a high possibility that even the few waterbodies that we have today might vanish in the near future. I thought of visiting the currently surviving waterbodies of Chennai and its suburbs and write about them in my blog as a series.

Mambakkam is a small village located at a distance of around 14 kms from Tambaram. Till 2010 or so, this was a quite and remote village with limited access from the city. The village was surrounded by paddy fields and waterbodies. Thanks to the urbanization, the village has already lost its paddy fields which are replaced by high rise buildings, flats and educational institutes.

Kulam, a wide and vast tank, that is located at the junction of Mambakkam and Ponmar villages, was a major landmark of the village till few years ago. Anyone who would have visited the village would recall about this beautiful tank even after many years. Although the neighborhood of this tank has been converted into flats and residential plots, this tank has not yet been touched upon so far.  This tank has no name particularly. People refer this tank as Kulam (in Tamil "Kulam" means tank). The tank surrounded by trees on all sides, gives a typical village feel. Fortunately, the tank has water throughout the year.

Happy travelling.


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    1. No widget. Go to Google map, copy the link and paste in html of your blog. That's it.