October 2, 2017

Mylapore Karbagambal Mess

"You cannot claim to have visited Chennai, if you have never been to Mylapore." This is what I told to you a friend of mine from Pune who has come to Chennai for more than ten times but not visited Mylapore. Mylapre is known for a lot of things - heritage, Navaratri, temples, music and also the traditional restaurants which are called as "Mess".

Karpagambal Mess is one of those famous messes in Mylapore which Chennaites love. It was established in 1953 CE in East Mada Street by Ramadas Iyer. Originally it was started as a small eatery and it could serve only 50 people maximum. Now, it has expanded as multi floors air conditioned restaurant.

Till 1980s, when the bus was the main transportation service in Chennai, people from far away localities who visit Kapaaleeswarar would never miss to have their lunch or dinner at Mami's Mess or Karpagambal Mess. Both of them are located near the temple.

Filter Coffee, Keera Vadai and Badam Halwa are some of the dishes that are sought-after. Old framed paintings of Gods and Goddesses adore the walls of the restaurant even today.

Those who regularly visit this restaurant would know that this mess has lost its old charm and taste. Nevertheless, it is still patronized by the people of Chennai. It still remains as an identity of Myalpore for sure.

Happy travelling.

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