October 1, 2017

The Best Rose Milk from a Small Newspaper Mart

Rose Milk - the pink colored flavored milk with rose syrup, was one of the most favorite drinks in Tamil Nadu till 1980s. Today, it has become difficult to find this tasty beverage in the restaurants and shops. Nevertheless, there is one place in Chennai city where people throng in large numbers for rose milk even nowadays. Do you know, where in Chennai, you could get the best rose milk? For more than six decades, this shop remains as the Number 1 in Chennai when it comes to this drink. This is not a restaurant, hotel or provisional store. It's a small newspaper mark, which is meant to sell newspapers and magazines.

Kalathi Newspaper Mart in East Mada street in Mylapore is a very small shop. However, anyone in this area, would easily direct you to this place. It is so famous in this locality for many decades. In 1927 CE, Kalathi Mudaliar started this shop as there was no other shop in this area to sell the daily essentials. It was taken over by Shri. Kannan in 1951 CE. He introduced rose milk in 1952 CE. Since then, this shop continues to be the best place which sells rose milk. Even today, you could find people in small queues in this shop buying rose milk. This mart sells more number of glasses of rose milk than the daily newspapers and magazines.

In the 1960s and 1970s, a lot of cine stars and play artists were the regular customers of Kalathi rose milk.

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  1. Thanks, what a recommendation! I grew up in Mylapore, but never heard of this shop. What a pity