August 18, 2017

Temples of Tiruvanchery

Tiruvanchery is a small village located near Selaiyur in the southern outskirts of Chennai city in Tamil Nadu state of India. There are three small but important temples located in this village. This article covers the complete details about those temples.

Selva Vinayakar Temple

Even today, Tiruvanchery is a remote village without much development. Just imagine how it would have been around 100 years ago. In the beginning of 20th century CE, few strangers spent a night in this village. On the next day early morning, they took away the centuries old idol of Lord Ganesha from the temple in this village with them. Those people were apparently from Mylapore village. Their original objective was not known. Out of fear or due to some unknown reasons, they apparently buried the idol somewhere in Mylapore.

Tiruvanchery temple did not have idol for few years. Then, a villager, in his dream, was directed to this unknown site by a divine voice. Thus, the idol was discovered and reinstalled in the same temple.

This is the legend or history told in Tiruvanchery village for the past 100+ years. This temple, which is called as Selva Vinayakar temple, was extended and consecrated in the beginning of 2017 CE.

The extended temple now enshrines other deities such as Shiv Linga, Parvati, Murugan-Valli-Devasena, Bhairav and Navagraha. Dakshinamurti, Vishnu, Brahma and Durga are found as the niche deities.

Kondanda Ramar Temple

The above mentioned Ganesh temple is located in Selva Vinayakar Street in the village. Hardly within 200-300 meters from that temple, the Kodanda Ramar Temple is located in Kodanda Ramar Street in the same village.

This is comparatively bigger temple. It shares its compound wall with the Tambaram Air Force Station. It is said that the temple of Venu Gopalan was originally located in the site on the other side of the compound wall. In the early 1940s, when Air Force station was called as RAF Station, the British Government ordered the temple to be shifted to the current location in the village. Thus, the temple was moved here in 1940s.

After few years, the temple got extended and Kodanda Ram became the presiding deity. Ram, Sita and Lakshman, very beautiful idols, are found in the sanctum. The original Venu Gopalan along with Rukmini and Bhama also managed to find a small place in the corner of the sanctum.

The temple was renovated and consecrated in 2017 CE. The sub-shrines of Ramanuja and Hanuman were added. Garud is found facing towards the sanctum. The new niche idols of Lakshmi Narasimha, Lakshmi Varaha and Lakshmi Hayagreeva were made and installed in 2017.

Bhajanai Koil

One of the most beautiful bronze images of Krishna all over Chennai is located in Bhajanai Koil, a small village temple, which is located at a distance of 600-700 meters from Vinayakar temple. The 6 feet tall bronze idol of Krishna along with Radha and Rukmini look stunningly beautiful.

The temple complex also enshrines a tall stucco idol of Hanuman.

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