July 9, 2017

Veeratteswarar Temple

Padappai is a small developing town located near Tambaram in the southern outskirts of Chennai city in South India. Padappai is classified into two parts, Keezh Padappai and Mel Padappai. In Keezh Padappai, an ancient temple for Lord Shiva, called as Veeratteswarar is located. Let me discuss about this temple in this article.

The east facing temple enshrines Shiv Linga in an east facing sanctum. Goddess Shanta Nayaki is found in a separate south facing shrine. As the temple was getting renovated, when I visited, I could not provide further details about other deities in this temple.

It is believed that Sambandhar had mentioned about this temple in his hymn. Hence, it is a Devara Vaippu Sthalam.

As per the legend, Chandra was cursed by his father in law, Daksha. To get himself protected from the impact, Chandra installed many Shiv Lingas and prayed to Shiva. It is said that this Shiv Linga is one among them.

The eight sites, in which Lord Shiva destroyed the Asuras, are called as Ashtha Veeratta Sthalams. This temple enjoys the status of sub Veeratta Sthalam.

As per another legend, Nandi Varma Pallavan renovated and consecrated 108 Shiva temples on a single day. This temple is believed to be one among those temples.

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