July 7, 2017

Ayyanakere Lake

Is this the place where Aphrodite was born? Else, is this the place where Venus lives? Such a romantic place, a heavenly site in Karnataka state of India! Ayyanakere Lake - the second largest lake of Karnataka is that most beautiful and lovely site.

You swim, fish, laze around, romance, walk around, read, sing, dance, write or just simply sit and watch - whatever be your activity, you would definitely feel romantic if you perform the same on the banks of this giant sized lake.

Love, beauty, majestic, extraordinary, awesome and so on - if you think about adjectives for this incredibly superb place, you will be at loss. Words cannot describe the beauty of this place. You need to experience by visiting the site on your own. If you visit this place during the monsoon season, the happiness will double up.

This beautiful lake is located in the equally beautiful Chikmagalur region. What makes this site so romantic? The conical shaped peak at the backdrop, the sunrise or the sunset, the ocean sized waterbody, giant shaped trees on the banks or the clouds that kiss the hills.

This lake is a historic site. It was created by a Chieftain of Sakrepatna, Rukmangada Raya by name. In the 12th century CE, the lake was renovated by the Hoysalas. The lake is a blessing for the farmers of the region as it maintains the fertility of thousands of acres of land.

A pleasant and picturesque place, which no tourist should miss.

Happy travelling.

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