July 5, 2017

The Biggest Bilva Forest

Chikmagalur is the hidden treasure of Karnataka state in India. In this most beautiful Chikmagalur region, Ayyankere Lake, the second biggest lake of the state, is located. Not many tourists visit this incredibly beautiful lake. Even those tourists who visit this lake miss to visit yet another beautiful and unique site. It is Kalmaradi Mata, which is located very near to this lake. What is so unique about this site? Let me walk you through in this article.

Kalmaradi Mata (Matha, which is written as Mata in this region) is a Math of a saint, which is developed into a Shiva temple. Lord Shiva is named as Kalmarudreshwar in this temple. Shiv Linga is installed atop the samadhi of the saint. The temple is small and its vimana looks attractive.

The specialty of the temple is that it is located amidst a forest - a forest where you could find only Bilva (also written as Vilva) trees. You turn your face left or right - you can find only Bilva trees. Walk for half a kilometer here and there; you will still find only Bilva trees. This is perhaps the biggest forest full of only Bilva trees. Bilva leaves are considered as sacred for Lord Shiva. A Shiva temple located amidst Bilva forest in a peaceful location makes this site very unique as well as interesting.

It's a serene, peaceful, greenery and exceptionally beautiful site. My words cannot completely express the divine experience that I had while visiting this site.

Happy travelling.

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