June 10, 2017

Pozhichaleeswarar Temple - Agaram Then, Chennai

Let me introduce you to a lesser known Hoysala period temple near Chennai. Agaram Then is a village located at a distance of around 10 kms from Tambaram (outskirts of South Chennai). A small Shiva temple called Pozhichaleeswarar temple is located in this village.

The east facing temple does not have tower. The sanctum enshrines a small Shiv Linga called as Pozhichaleeswarar. The Goddess Anandavalli is found in a separate south facing shrine.

Nandi is found facing towards the sanctum.

Nardana Ganapati, Dakshinamurit, Vishnu, Brahma and Durga are found as the niche images. In Ardha Mandap, the beautiful bronze idols of Somaskanda are located.

Bhairav, Navagrahas, Chandikeshwara and Hanuman are also found in this temple.

There is a big shrine on the right side of the sanctum, which enshrines big idol of Sharbeshwara holding Narasimha on his lap.

The holy trees of Arasu and Bilva are found together with few images of Nagas and Ganesha installed infront of them.

The idols of Ganesh and Subramanya are located at the entrance of the sanctum.

The temple has inscriptions of the 13th century Hoysala period. Except for few Hoysala period pillars with sculptures, no other ancient sculptures are found in the temple now. The temple is completely renovated. Though the vimana appears to be of original period, it is also painted in vibrant colors.

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