April 26, 2017

Nangavaram Pidari Amman Temple

Site Name: Pidari Amman temple
Site Type: Village deity temple
Location:  Nangavaram, 30 kms from Trichy, Tamil Nadu state, India
Highlights: Chola period temple of a village deity
Nearest Railway Station: Trichy
Nearest Airport: Trichy
How to reach: Well connected by road from Karur and Trichy; public transport facility is available from Trichy and Karur
Hotel: Mid-range hotels; better to stay in Trichy or Karur
Restaurants: Few options; it is better to go to Trichy or Karur

Nangavaram is a village located at a distance of around 30 kms from Trichy city in Tamil Nadu state of India. The village has an ancient Chola period temple of Pidari Amman. Let us discuss about this temple in this article.

In Tamil Nadu, there are hundreds of Grama devta (village deity) temples named as Pidari temple. However, there would be Sapta Matas in the sanctum of those temples. Similarly, in this temple too, the sanctum enshrines Sapta Matas, Ganesh and Ayyanar. Out of seven Matas, the middle one is named as Pidari. In this temple, she is called as Pidari Satthayi. This temple is popular in this circle and many village consider her as their Kul devta (family deity).

The sanctum is definitely an old structure that belongs to the Chola period. There are no niche images in the sanctum. The Vimana appears to be renovated and painted in the later period.

The temple is extended with the concrete structure to accommodate the other village deities. In the extended area, there is a sub-shrine for Malayala Swami. In the shrine, the big stucco image of the deity is found. It is a fearsome image holding a big sickle in the right arm. At the entrance of the shrine, the stone idol of the same deity is found.

Outside the temple, in the open space, a big blue colored stucco idol of male deity is found. He is found riding a horse and the two forelegs of the horse rest on the heads of two soldiers. The name of this village deity is Sevugarayan.

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