July 5, 2016

Tiruppulingudi Kaisina Vendan Temple

Site Name: Kaisnina Vendan Temple 
Site Type: Hindu ancient temple
Location:  4 kms from Sri Vaikuntham, in Tirunelveli-Tiruchendur route, 32 kms from Tirunelveli, Tamil Nadu state, India
Highlights: One of Nava Tirupati temples and a Divya Desam
Nearest Railway Station: Tirunelveli
Nearest Airport: Madurai
How to reach: Well connected by road from Tirunelveli, Tiruchendur and Tuticorin
Hotel: Few options in Sri Vaikuntham; for better options, go to Tirunelveli, Tiruchendur or Tuticorin - all of them are located within the range of 30-35 kms
Restaurants: Few options in Sri Vaikuntham; for better options, go to Tirunelveli, Tiruchendur or Tuticorin - all of them are located within the range of 30-35 kms

Tiruppulingudi is a small village located near Tirunelveli city in Tamil Nadu state of India. The village has a prominent temple for Vishnu called as Kaaisina Vendan TempleIt is considered as the 93rd Divya Desam located in the Pandya region. There are nine Vishnu temples on the banks of the river Tamrabharani, which are popularly called as Nava Tirupatis. This site is the Fourth 'Nava Tirupati' temple (one among nine important Vishnu temples in Tirunelveli-Tiruchendur route).  Let us explore about this temple in this article.


  • Nammalwar has sung Pasurams about this site in his verses.
  • It is considered as the 93rd Divya Desam temple. It is located in Pandya region.
  • It is considered as the Fourth Nava Tirupati temple.
  • God Bhoomi Palaka
  • Goddess Malar Magal and Nila Magal
  • Utsav - Kaaisina Vendan and his consort Pulingudi Valli
  • Teerth (holy water) - Varuna Teerth and Indra Teerth
  • Vimana Vedasara Vimana


Once Vishnu and his consort Lakshmi spent their time leisurely on the banks of the river Tamrabharani. It had annoyed Bhoomi Devi, another consort of Vishnu. She departed the earth and went to nether world. The earth suffered with drought and the Devas pleaded Vishnu to make peace with her. Vishnu searched her and found her out. He pacified her and brought her back in this site. Hence, he is called as Bhumipalaka, which means the saviour of the earth.

Indra had killed two deer once without knowing that a sage and his wife were in the form of those deer. He got Brahmahatya dosha. He came down to this site to get rid of his sin. He took bath in the tank which is called as Indra Teerth nowadays and prayed to the presiding deity of the temple. Thus, he redeemed from the curse.

A Brahmin called Yagna Sharma did not attend the retinue of the sage Shakti. This had angered the sage and he turned Sharma into a Brahma Rakshasa. He came down to this site and performed penance towards Vishnu to get back his original form.

Temple Layout:

The east facing temple does not have tower. The layout is simple and the size of the temple is small. 

The east facing sanctum enshrines Vishnu in the reclining posture with Brahma emerging out from his navel. He is called as Bhoomi Palaka. His consorts Malar Magal and Nila Magal are found along with him. 

In the sanctum, the utsav (festival) idols of Kaasina Vendan along with his consorts Pulingudi Valli and Bhoomi Devi are also found. 

The bali peeth, flag staff and Garud are found facing towards the sanctum.

In the Ardha Mandap, the sub-shrine of Alwars is located.

The big temple tank with a lot of tree on its banks is found outside the temple complex. It gives a serene feel.

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