July 19, 2016

Singapore Cable Car

Site Name: Cable Car
Site Type: Recreation and Leisure
Location:  Mount Faber, Singapore
Highlights: A joyful long ride on the sky
Nearest Train Station: The Harbourfront Station MRT
Nearest Airport: Singapore Changi Airport
How to reach: Well connected by road and train
Hotel: All sorts of options all over Singapore
Restaurants: No need to worry; you can easily get whatever variety of cuisine you want

Singapore, the world's only island city-state, is a travel friendly nation. It has so many travel attractions and is one of the most visited travel destination of the entire globe. Let us discuss about an important tourist spot, which everyone would love for sure - Cable Car.

Singapore Cable Car (that's how they call it!) is a transportation mode that connects Mount Faber with the wonderful Sentosa Island. People see this not merely as a mode of transport, but as a joy ride. A 30 minutes ride on the sky would give us one of the most scenic sights of Singapore. Regardless of how many times and whatever destinations you have traveled in cable car, this journey would remind in your memory forever.

Recently, the concerned firm has opened one more cable car line above the Sentosa Island.

The Cable Car Museum that showcases the various designs of cable cars over the period is a unique and interesting destination. It is located near the cable car destination in Sentosa Island.

Go and enjoy your ride in cable car! It would be a spectacular experience for sure!

Happy travelling.

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