July 30, 2016

Chinese Garden - Singapore

Site Name: Chinese Garden
Site Type: Leisure and recreation
Location:  Jurong East, Singapore
Highlights: A vast garden and an important landmark in Singapore
Nearest Train Station: Chinese Garden MRT Station
Nearest Airport: Singapore Changi Airport
How to reach: Well connected by road and train
Hotel: All sorts of options all over Singapore
Restaurants: No need to worry; you can easily get whatever variety of cuisine you want

Singapore, the world's only island city-state, is a travel friendly nation. It has so many travel attractions and is one of the most visited travel destination of the entire globe. Let us discuss about an important landmark of Singapore called Chinese Garden in this article.

If you go to China Town area in Singapore, you might feel as if entering into China. If you go to Chinese Garden, you might feel as if entering into the ancient China. 

Chinese Garden, which is also called as Jurong Gardens, is a vast garden situated in Jurong East in Singapore. It was opened in 1975 CE and was designed by an architect from Taiwan. The concept is based on Chinese gardening style and the architecture of the northern Chinese region.  

Let me briefly highlight the important features of this garden.

The entrance gate has two huge lion statues, the typical Chinese style. The Main Arch building is picturesque and has two courtyards. The bridge in the garden is designed after the famous 17 Arch Bridge and it looks magnificent.

The beautiful stone boat is based on the Peking design. The elegantly looking Tea House located adjacent is also based on the ancient Chinese architectural style.

In a small mound in the garden, the seven storeyed Twin Pagodas are located. I don't need to explicitly mention how attractive they are. The Bonsai garden has around 2,000 bonsais brought from all over the world.

The Turtle and Tortoise museum is small but the kids would definitely love it.

All over the garden, the statues of various Chinese monarchs are found.

There is a small Japanese Garden located within the 13 hectare Chinese Garden complex.

Happy travelling.

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