July 29, 2016

Buddha Tooth Relic Temple - Singapore

Site Name: Buddha Tooth Relic Temple
Site Type: Religious
Location:  China Town, Singapore
Highlights: One of the important Buddhist sites in Singapore
Nearest Train Station: ChinaTown MRT Station
Nearest Airport: Singapore Changi Airport
How to reach: Well connected by road and train
Hotel: All sorts of options all over Singapore
Restaurants: No need to worry; you can easily get whatever variety of cuisine you want

Singapore, the world's only island city-state, is a travel friendly nation. It has so many travel attractions and is one of the most visited travel destination of the entire globe. Let us discuss about an important religious site called Buddhist Tooth Relic Temple in this article.

The Tang dynasty ruled China between the 7th century CE and the 10th century CE. The Buddhist Tooth Relic Temple located in China Town area of Singapore was built as per the Tang dynasty architectural style. It was built in 2007 CE. In this complex, apart from the temple, a well maintained museum is also located.

The gateway has three traditional large sized red colored doors. Two Dwarapalas are found at the gateway.

The temple bell found in this temple is huge and looks attractive. The huge temple drum is found in the second floor of this multi storey temple. The ground floor of the drum tower has the shrines of male Sangharama and female Sangharama. They are considered as guardian deities.

The breathtaking Hundred Dragons Hall enshrines 15 feet tall Maitreya Buddha idol. On his either sides, two Boddhisatvas are found. In this hall, all the sides of the walls are filled with the idols of 100 Buddhas. Each Buddha is in unique posture or mudra. One hundred dragons are also found along with Buddhas.

All these Buddha images are surrounded in all sides by the miniature images of Buddha Maitreyas. The images are placed inside a bronze case which is called as Gau. The images are carved from wood. Buddha Maitreya is found seated on the lion throne with both legs on the lotus pedestal.

Beyond the Hundred Dragons Hall, there is Universal Wisdom Hall. The idol of Bodhisattva Cintamanicakra Avalokitesvara seated on a lotus throne is enshrined. The eight zodiac protectors are also found in this hall. They are surrounded by smaller images of Avalokitesvara in all sides.

At the corner of the Wisdom Hall, the idol of Yellow Dzambhala is found. He has a big belly and golden skin. He holds a fruit in his right arm. 

The first floor has the idol of Avalokitesvara in the middle of Dharma Hall. This hall has the gallery of many Buddhist monks. The ancestral memorial hall is also located nearby.

The second floor enshrines the idols of sixteen Prajna guardian deities.

The third floor has the idols of ten Rakshasis. In the same floor, the idols of Shakyamuni with Manjushri seated on a lion and Samantabhadra seated on an elephant on his either sides are found.

The Sacred Buddha's Tooth Relic is enshrined in the fourth floor. This is the main shrine of the entire temple. The 36 dragons are carved above the stupa. The gold colored majestic idol of Buddha Maitreya is enshrined in the middle of stupa.

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