June 3, 2016

Kumaran Kundram

Site Name: Kumaran Kundram Temple
Site Type: Hindu temple
Location:   Kumaran Kundram, Near Chrompet, Near Chennai, Tamil Nadu state, India
Highlights: An important temple of Murugan in Chennai
Nearest Railway Station: Chrompet
Nearest Airport: Chennai
How to reach: Well connected by road from Chennai and Tambaram
Hotel: A lot of options across Chennai
Restaurants:  A lot of options across Chennai 

Chrompet is a well known area located near Tambaram, which in turn is located near Chennai city. At a distance of around 1 km. from Chrompet local railway station, the hillock temple of Kumaran Kundram is situated. Let us discuss about this temple in this article.

Kumaran Kundran temple is dedicated to Swaminathan (Murugan). It is not an ancient temple. It was constructed in 1979 CE. 

This hillock temple has three sections. At the foothill, the shrines of Ganesh, Navagraha, Kali and Idumban are located.

After climbing up few steps, the second section that consists of the shrines of Shiv Linga is located in the middle of the route to hilltop temple. The north facing shrine enshrines Sundareswarar and a separate shrine for his consort Meenakshi is found. 

The wall around the sanctum has the niche idols of Nardana Ganapati, Rishabharudana, Dakshinamurti, Vishnu, Brahma and Durga. Chandikeshwara is found in his usual location. It is not usual to find Rishabharudana as the niche image. 

The wall around the shrine of Meenakshi has the niche idols of Maheswari, Vaishnavi and Brahmi.

A rare shrine for Sharbheswar is also located. The idols of Surya, Bhairav and Chandra are also found in this temple. A separate sub-shrine for the utsav idols of Natraj and Shivakami is also found. Natraj has raised his right leg slightly in the dancing posture instead of left leg, as found usually in the other temples.

On top of the hill, the temple of Swaminathan is situated. The sanctum enshrines the idol of Swaminathan in the standing posture. He is found with two arms. His vahan is elephant and not peacock in this temple.

The niche idols of three  different Kartikeya and Durga are found on the outer walls of Swaminathan shrine. Chandikeshwara is also found. A small sub-shrine for the utsav idol of Swaminathan is located nearby. 

The hilltop temple has a north facing Rajagopura. 

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