May 2, 2016

Corning Glass Museum

Site Name: Corning Glass Museum
Site Type: Museum
Location: Finger Lakes Wine Country Region of New York State, USA 
Highlights: A unique tourist attraction
Nearest Airport: New York
How to reach: Easily reachable by road from New York city and Niagara Waterfalls
Hotel: A lot of budget and luxury hotels are available in this region
Restaurants: A lot of options for wine and dine

Well, it's a museum. But, it's a unique museum; it's a museum of glass. Corning Glass Museum is a unique tourist attraction located on the way between New York city and Niagara Waterfalls. 

It was founded by Corning Inc. in 1951 CE. Before visiting this museum, I never knew that there is so much to talk about and display about glass. This museum gives us an insight on the art, history, technology, science and design of glass. 

This vast museum displays some of the world's best collection of historical glass materials. The 3,500 years of history related to glass is displayed in galleries. There are sections within this museum, where we can learn about the technology through hands-on. 

There are so many demonstrations. A unique session called as 'Make your own glass' is an interesting part of this museum. A lot of displays depicting different avatars of glass. It is unbelievable to see such things could be made using glass. Overall, the museum gives us a unique and fantastic experience.

Happy travelling.

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